The Habit | A Hallmark of Success?

Habits are the gears of life

I’ve heard it said that habits are a hallmark of successful people. Perhaps it is the artist in me, but for much of my life I have tried to avoid developing too many habits just for the sake of routine. I love the spontaneity of life, and the joy of letting myself take an opportunity when it presents itself. Many people swear by habits as formulas for success and one author even titled a book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Whether I like it or not, I have…

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Political Pluralism

Coexist Rainbow by Brian Hartwell

In America, we seem to always be fighting right vs. left; the Christian right wants to make America more of a Christian Nation, and the left a more secular state. Although there are conservatives who are atheists or agnostics and strong believing Christians who are also liberal, the popular characterization in the media of left and right follows the secular and religious respectively. Americans, whether they realize it or not, prefer a government of opposites. In the past twenty years neither party has had a strong hold on all the…

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