The Homeless Soul

I haven’t shared this with anybody until today. And I only do it today, because I am thinking of all my blessings at this time of Thanksgiving. About a month ago, I finished refereeing a soccer game, was hungry and looking for a sweet snack. I figured an oatmeal raisin cookie or two would do the trick.  I stopped by a grocery store on my way home, I bought my cookies and was leaving the store when I saw a homeless man sitting up against the wall. He had no…

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Putting the Zimmerman Trial in Context

George Zimmerman Assholes always get away

“These assholes always get away” – George Zimmerman   I realized before the court case of George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin was ever sent to the jury that it was quite likely that George Zimmerman was going to be acquitted of the charges against him. Judging the attorney’s of the case, the defense was very good at creating reasonable doubt and the prosecution hadn’t convinced me beyond that reasonable doubt that Zimmerman should be convicted under the law, and I am one who believed from the beginning that Zimmerman was…

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The Economy is NOT a Bowl of Cherries

Economics is not a bowl of Cherries

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem. – Theodore Rubin Too many people suffer disillusion in life because they expect life to be a bowl of cherries. There is much complaining these days about the rancor in politics. Usually those complaining loudest are those who believe they are losing the battle. If only the other side would compromise more to my position, if only they other guys hadn’t done such and such we wouldn’t be in…

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A Christian Nation Would Not Agree To Pass Paul Ryan’s Budget.

Jesus Helps the Needy

The current federal budget battle in Washington DC has brought to mind passages from the New Testament that seem relevant in some of the debates. The conservatives such as Paul Ryan are calling for deep cuts to the budget focusing on core welfare benefits that help the poor the most, in favor of giving tax benefits to the richest of Americans. For those that believe America is a Christian Nation, it would be worth taking a read of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 19:   16 Just then a man…

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Liz Peek vs. Paul Krugman | Budgeting During A Time Of War

Bombing during the Libya War

Over at a so-called financial writer, Liz Peek, posted an article criticizing Paul Krugman, who criticized Paul Ryan about his budget proposal. Liz Peek, shows her ignorance of the true American financial state of affairs when she writes the following: “government spending, now cruising along above 24 % of GDP – an unprecedented peace-time level “ America is currently we are involved in 3 wars, hardly a peaceful time. Never in the article do I read where she excludes military government spending from  her calculations of government spending.  How…

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How Not to Fix Social Security

Some people figure that we can “fix” Social Security by implementing a means test where we would not pay out Social Security to individuals that do not need it. A paper by CEPR debunks the myth by explaining that a means test  Below is the executive summary. The full article is here. The vast majority of Social Security benefits go to relatively low and middle class people. More than 75 percent of benefits go to individuals with non-Social Security incomes of less than $20,000 a year. More than 90 percent…

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Why is there no looting in Japan?

There is a growing conversation among westerners asking the question of why there is no or little looting in Japan after the massive 9.0 earthquakes and tsunami. Contrast their calmness and order with the anarchist aftermath in New Orleans after Katrina, Haiti Chile who suffered their own tragic earthquakes, and one must ask the question of why. What is the difference, how can we develop some of those same attributes? Various people have posited various positions such as racial homogeneity, their culture of respect and honor, and their culture of…

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Taxes, Government, Immigration and Outsourcing

Taxes and immigration

How much do you want to pay in taxes? Probably you wish to pay less than your neighbor. Stick it to him, but not to me, because I am special right? I deserve my tax breaks, but the other guy is receiving “welfare” and needs to get off the dole, needs to quit receiving all his unearned benefits and well, maybe if he just left the country, quit being a crybaby and sucked it up like me, then maybe, just maybe life would be fair. Watching the non-stop protests in…

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Protests in Wisconsin | Retirement benefits in the crosshairs

Wisconsin Workers vs. Governor Walker

The Union Protests in Wisconsin have had me perplexed for a while, but I am starting to put it all in perspective. Governor Walker maintains the position that he just wants State workers to contribute to their pensions like private sector employees. Union members claim he is trying to take away their ability to bargain collectively. Unless Governor Walker intends to completely revamp that Wisconsin State Pension system his claim makes no sense. The government is going to pay 100% of pension costs either way because it is a defined…

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Robert Reich | Aftershock – a synopsis

Robert Reich in his book Aftershock describes the deteriorating state of financial affairs for Middle America leading up to the financial meltdown in September 2008. Much like the crash in 1929 that lead to the great depression, much of it was caused by income disparity in the nation. The chasm between rich and middle class was too wide. The narrative starts with income disparity in the 1950’s through the first decade of the 21st century. As more and more wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer people, consuming has to…

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