Putting the Zimmerman Trial in Context

George Zimmerman Assholes always get away

“These assholes always get away” – George Zimmerman   I realized before the court case of George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin was ever sent to the jury that it was quite likely that George Zimmerman was going to be acquitted of the charges against him. Judging the attorney’s of the case, the defense was very good at creating reasonable doubt and the prosecution hadn’t convinced me beyond that reasonable doubt that Zimmerman should be convicted under the law, and I am one who believed from the beginning that Zimmerman was…

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Religious Intolerance and Illegal Immigration meets the van der spek family

the Van der spek family faces deportation

A family in Layton, Utah faces deportation back to Belgium for illegal immigration to the US ten years ago. As reported in the Standard-Examiner, the van der spek family say they came to the US because of religious intolerance after they joined the LDS church. They are appealing for asylum. When the van der spek family immigrated to the US, Belgium was facing a greater level of religious intolerance than right now. In 1997 the Belgian Parliamentary Commission on Cults was submitted to the Belgian Parliament. According to ReligiousTolerance.org, there…

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Immigration Reform? The free market says no.

The Border Fence at Naco Arizona

Immigration is free market capitalism of the human kind. Yesterday I quoted Keith Ferrazzi and his words “Learn to be a human first. Everything else follows.” How can we apply this principle to immigration reform? The first way is to say that immigrants are not aliens, a dehumanizing term in this day and age. The preferred term of undocumented workers highlights both their status and their humanity. The second, is by recognizing the immigrant’s humanity, we must remember that they too are part of families with people that love them.…

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