The Homeless Soul

I haven’t shared this with anybody until today. And I only do it today, because I am thinking of all my blessings at this time of Thanksgiving. About a month ago, I finished refereeing a soccer game, was hungry and looking for a sweet snack. I figured an oatmeal raisin cookie or two would do the trick.  I stopped by a grocery store on my way home, I bought my cookies and was leaving the store when I saw a homeless man sitting up against the wall. He had no…

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Culture Wars And Their Origin

Culture Wars and the angry mob

Culture wars are all around us. Sometimes they revolve around religious and moral issues, others revolve around economics and poor vs. rich. Why is it that in a country so united, we can also be so divided? We will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught. – Anonymous The greatest predictor of what a person believes or fights for is what his or her parents believed, and that person’s relationship to that beleif. Parents are the greatest…

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The Casey Anthony Trial: The role of a Jury

The close of the Casey Anthony trial with an acquittal on the most serious charge has brought gasps of disbelief by all the pundits and white middle class viewers that were just sure this mother was guilty. She may well be guilty, but according to the jury on her trial she is not-guilty. Chances are, she may even be innocent, but who knows. Frankly, I didn’t care a thing about the Casey Anthony trial and know very little about it except for the small excerpts that I listened to on…

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Do You Have The Courage to Laugh at Yourself?

I believe one of the greatest indicators of a person’s grip on reality is their ability to laugh at themselves.  It shows you can view yourself as both imperfect and flawed, and that you have courage to find the humor in your flawed ways. It takes courage to admit you are wrong, but to laugh about that wrongness takes a special talent. I know a lot of people that are uptight about their positions on almost any issue. They judge all their interactions with people as zero-sum affairs. In order…

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Superconflation, A Definition


I learned a new word the other day. No, you won’t find it in a dictionary, and in many ways it is too vague right now to mean anything, but here it goes. Superconflation, verb. The act of attributing the actions of a single person to the whole of the group they are a part of or represent, and establishing a political ideology around it. Synonyms, are anecdotal explanations, unreasonable extrapolation. It occurs in this way. 20 terrorists that happen to be Muslim fly airplanes into buildings and people superconflate…

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Creativity is the Essence of Life

One of the things I value most in life is my creativity; creativity in problem solving, creativity in language, creativity in visual design. Below you will find several quotes that I keep around and look at for motivation to be more creative each day. No great thing is created suddenly. It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life. Creative minds are rarely tidy. Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that’s creativity. Every act of creation is first of…

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The Habit | A Hallmark of Success?

Habits are the gears of life

I’ve heard it said that habits are a hallmark of successful people. Perhaps it is the artist in me, but for much of my life I have tried to avoid developing too many habits just for the sake of routine. I love the spontaneity of life, and the joy of letting myself take an opportunity when it presents itself. Many people swear by habits as formulas for success and one author even titled a book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Whether I like it or not, I have…

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Charlie Sheen and the Money Factory

Charlie Sheen going to court - Real serious ain't he?

The world is all a twitter with news about Charlie Sheen and his “non-existent” drug and alcoholism mixed with porn star hookers – or was that his show Two and one-half men? It seems appropriate that the show would implode because of the same behaviors that launched it to the highest rated sitcom in prime time television.  Seriously, really??? Maybe we love to criticize, but a lot of us are out there watching this guy be a bonehead. (Of course, Jackass the movie has done well too, so maybe the…

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To Live, Is To Embark On The Journey.

road of life

The subtitle of my site is that I discuss all the “important stuff in America.” Every now and then a tragedy occurs that brings into focus something that is very important, and that is living itself.  This past weekend, a young man that I knew made the tragic decision to take his own life. At the tender age of 15 he decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing happiness in this life and cut short the opportunity. That is a tragedy, because at age 15 we only begin to understand the…

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What motivates you?

faith blocks

Faith vs. Fear – opposite of faith is not doubt, but fear Hierarchy of motivators fear duty love Fear is the strongest motivator, because it taps into our innate desire to survive. It is self serving and very powerful. Watch the cable news networks and it is easy to observe many of the commentators using fear as their strongest tactic for motivating those who follow them. Appealing to a sense of duty applies the principle of guilt. It works, and though not as manipulative as scaring somebody into a state…

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