Lent, a Time For Remembrance

Christ in the Wilderness

If you are Catholic, or mainline protestant, or if you know somebody who is, chances are you realize that last week began the forty days preceding Easter called Lent. As are many of our traditional religious holidays (Holy Days) the purpose of Lent is to remember the Biblical story of the forty days and forty nights that Jesus of Nazareth fasted prior to his impending death. Western Christians celebrate lent in the forty days preceding Good Friday and Easter which commemorate of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Mainline traditional…

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Who is God?

Who is God Graphic

I once heard a Buddhist monk say the following: “God is shorthand for talking about everything all at once” Dairyu Michael Wenger consider the following: God sustains us, therefore God is the air we breath God is the ocean that brings the rain God is mountains we find so beautiful God is valleys where we grow our food. God is rain that waters our crops God is sunshine that warms our faces God is procreation that gives us family God is death that recycles life God is lightning that electrifies…

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What is Karma? The Golden Rule?


In popular American practice, many people declare that they “believe in Karma” when doing something right, that they expect that something good will happen to them. It is often expressed as “what goes around, comes around.”  This is a twisted take on the golden rule, which is “treat others as you wish to be treated” and turns it into , ‘do good unto others, so good things will be done unto you’. This ego-centric approach of doing well to others, so that the same will come back to us, seems…

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Competition is not compatible with Religion.


Jews reject the New Testament beliefs of Christianity. Christians see the Jews as incomplete for rejecting Jesus. Muslims accept Jesus and the ancient prophets such as Moses and Abraham, but reject the divinity of Jesus that the Christians claim. Mormons accept Jesus and the ancient apostles, but reject Muhammad as a valid prophet. All of them reject the ancient beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zorastrianism, Greek and Roman Gods. The truth is, we all reject the beliefs and truths of others more than we accept them. We are tribal in…

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Yesterday’s science is tomorrow’s religion

Books on Religion

The greatest philosophers and thinkers in our history are considered great because they were the first to propose a new idea that radically changed our perspective on life and existence. These new explanations of our world and its meaning revolutionized previously held beliefs, but today we no longer consider them novel, but common knowledge. The ancient mid-easterners adopted the creation stories emanating from the Zoroastrians and eventually canonized them in books of sacred texts such as the Bible. The Romans had their myths to explain the creation as well as…

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The evolution of everything


Evolution is a description of a process of how everything is building upon the previous incarnation of human development where it discards what does not work for something that does. Most anti-evolutionists in America today think of evolution only in respect to organic evolution, human development and the adaptation of species, but I prefer to expand that idea to show how we know the world is built upon this very simple principle. Consider all these human activities and how they evolve throughout time. Landscape Civilization Language Religion Thought Knowledge Technology…

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When not to question prayer

Prayer man

Years ago I made the mistake of questioning prayer in Sunday School I did not do it to challenge the concept, for at the time I believed in prayer, but I questioned it to come to a better understanding of prayer and communication with the God. The question went something like this. How do people really know that they are actually communicating with God and not just with their subconscious? You would’ve thought that I bombed somebody’s home. The reaction was scary. Several people looked at me as though I…

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Ways to experience the divine

Photo by Brian Hartwell - Sun peeking out of the clouds

Throughout the ages, humankind has sought to experience the divine in more esoteric ways than purely the physical realm. We strive to find meaning beyond the daily grind of toiling for our needs. We long for a purpose beyond obtaining material wealth or experiencing pleasure.  This quest has found many different paths and interpretations of the world which have developed various ways to experience the divinity of humankind and our origins. The result of this quest is that we have developed various narratives for both our origins and our purpose.…

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Religion, The Language of Belief

Map of World Religions

Religion is the language of belief. 90% of religious adherents are determined by family, region, and culture and even politics. Most people never examine the assumptions of their culture and religion enough to make a change, not to mention that change would require giving up their current social and family structure. If we take a look at a color coded map of the religions of the world, the color makes it clear that religions are regional, and that they often coincide with culture and language.

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What is the meaning of life?

Looking for understanding

To determine meaning, we must first discuss the difference between objective meaning and subjective meaning. Does life have an objective purpose? Purpose and meaning are normally subjective in nature. Truths can be objective. One example is the truth that I exist and that I have taken a wife and live in a state of marriage. We are raising four children that I believe our mine. I am assured that they are my children, because my wife tells me they are mine, and I trust her very much. I take these…

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