The Five Pillars of Islam

Muslims in prayer

The Five Pillars of Islam are the basics of the Religious tenets of all Muslims that are faithful to the religion. The first is belief. The rest are works or actions designed to make one’s life acceptable to God, or Allah as called in Arabic. 1. There is no god except Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah 2. Prayer is to be offered five times a day. 1. between dawn and sunrise 2. between midday and mid-afternoon 3. between mid-afternoon and sunset 4. after sunset 5. between nightfall and…

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Which Sacred Text is Really the Word of God?

Sacred Texts by candlelight

Abraham is said to be the father of three religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It was Abraham that first rejected the pagan gods of his father and became a monotheist that believed in the communication of the “one true God” to his subjects humankind. The Hebrews kept records of their revelations from this God and wrote them in what are now called Sacred Texts. Obviously not all writings about God and His revelations are accepted by all people as the true word of God, and it is from these splits…

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What is Islam?


The term Islam is a derivative of the letters of the Semitic SLM literally means something close to “to be at peace with” or “to be resigned to.” These three letters have been translated into the Arabic term Salam and the Hebrew word Shalom. Both of which are commonly understood to mean “peace”. They are used as greetings and goodbyes in those languages, much as aloha is used in Hawaiian. When used in a religious context, Muslims usually translate the word Islam to mean “submission to God”.  It could also…

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