Life is a Do-Happening

Surfing is the ultimate Do-Happening

Everything in life is a combination of what happens to us and what we do.   Sometimes what we do is a reaction to what happens to us.   Sometimes what happens is a result of what we have done.   The extremist on either end of the spectrum will believe: 1. The fatalists believe everything is done according to a grand orchestration, and that we have no control over anything, everything happens for a reason etc. 2. The other end of the spectrum believes that all of life is…

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A Christian Nation Would Not Agree To Pass Paul Ryan’s Budget.

Jesus Helps the Needy

The current federal budget battle in Washington DC has brought to mind passages from the New Testament that seem relevant in some of the debates. The conservatives such as Paul Ryan are calling for deep cuts to the budget focusing on core welfare benefits that help the poor the most, in favor of giving tax benefits to the richest of Americans. For those that believe America is a Christian Nation, it would be worth taking a read of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 19:   16 Just then a man…

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Superconflation, A Definition


I learned a new word the other day. No, you won’t find it in a dictionary, and in many ways it is too vague right now to mean anything, but here it goes. Superconflation, verb. The act of attributing the actions of a single person to the whole of the group they are a part of or represent, and establishing a political ideology around it. Synonyms, are anecdotal explanations, unreasonable extrapolation. It occurs in this way. 20 terrorists that happen to be Muslim fly airplanes into buildings and people superconflate…

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Metaphors of Life | The Core of Cognition

Metaphors are the core of human cognition, the core of how we think about and relate to the world. The three human metaphors that describe the origin and purposes of the world are as follows. The Ceramic Model The Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Jews use the creative model of a universe where it was formed by God as potter forms clay. This originates from the beginning of the Bible in Genesis where God creates and forms Adam from the dust of the earth.  He created a clay figurine…

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Heaven and Hell are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two sides to every coin

To every coin there are two sides. Seems simple right? A couple days ago I criticized all the pastors around the country that have criticized Pastor Bell of Michigan for teaching that there is no hell. But just as a coin has two sides, this issue also has two sides. The existence of hell is necessary for Christianity to have purpose, for if you can’t be damned to hell, neither can you be saved from it. Without hell, there is no need for Jesus and those who criticize Pastor Bell…

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Protecting Families and Marriage | The Gay Marriage Debate

In the debate about same-sex marriage, opponents of gay marriage make the claim they are “protecting traditional marriage.” Yet, divorce is the most common result of the break down of marriage, but where are the throngs of people leading the charge to change divorce law, making it harder to obtain, and only for solid reasons? Yes, the greatest threat to marriage is divorce, and we don’t hear the same protectors of marriage working to modify divorce law. Of course divorce is a necessary option in cases of abuse and infidelity,…

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