The liberal war against Chick-fil-A: What about freedom of Religion?

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Dan Cathy Chick-fil-a Gay Marriage Debate

The President of Chick-fil-A has made some political enemies by stating his belief in so-called Biblical definition of family. These enemies include the Mayor of Boston Massachusetts and an Alderman in Chicago, as well as the Mayor of Chicago, the one time chief of staff for President Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel. These politicians have vowed to block the granting of business licenses to Chick-fil-A because Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy, a life long Baptist, confirmed in an interview that he believes marriage should be only between a man a woman. These politicians reason that because he doesn’t support same-sex marriage, that they don’t want his company to establish locations in their towns.Rahm Emanuel - Chicago Mayor - anti-religion


As can be read in other posts here at the Pluralist Nation, I fully support the changing of marriage laws to include same-sex couples. I see no rational reason why we can’t allow it in the U.S. In fact, I believe same-sex marriage would be supportive of the freedoms and responsibilities outlined in our Constitution.


It is disturbing that so-called liberal politicians would use their political positions to discriminate based on the religious beliefs of a business owner. So far there is no evidence that Chick-fil-A is discriminatory in its hiring or business practices. There is no evidence that they act outside of established law in regards to the GLBT community. These were personal beliefs expressed by a religious man, not the policies of the company he runs.


What these politicians are doing is likewise trampling on the Constitution. They are coming very close to establishing a religious test for the granting of a business license. Imagine the uproar if they were to try and deny the business license of a Muslim, a Catholic, especially in Boston, or a Mormon. What if they tried to deny the business license to a Jehovah Witness or Christian Scientist because of their beliefs in regards to healthcare. For that matter, imagine denying a business license to a Catholic owner because of his objections to contraceptives. It just shouldn’t happen.


I’m not one for slippery slope arguments, but this is a real test of where our country stands of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. No person should be denied the freedom to do business based on a personal belief. No person should have to hide their personal belief in order to be granted a business license. This is specifically why the Bill of Rights was ratified into the Constitution.


Conservatives are famous for saying that what a government can give it can take away. This is a clear case of government trying to take away freedoms based on a religious statement. The statements of these politicians should be loudly denounced as un-American and anti-Constitutional.


The biggest complaint that Tea-Party conservatives have again President Obama is that he is “trampling” on the Constitution. President Barack Obama should publicly distance himself from his former Chief of Staff Emanuel and these other liberal politicians and stand up for the basic freedoms of the Constitution. He should make it clear that they are operating outside the bounds of Democratic values. He should make it clear that in America, we don’t politically punish people for their religious beliefs, no matter how much we may disagree with them.


If liberals don’t like Mr. Cathy’s beliefs, they are free to buy their chicken sandwiches elsewhere, and to encourage their friends to do the same, but do not use the power of government as a sledge hammer against Chick-fil-A because a difference in religious belief.


Legalization of same-sex marriage is a preservation of freedom.

The Constitution guarantees religious freedom.

Let’s not trample on one freedom in an effort to secure another. Let’ have these liberal politicians practice the tolerance they expect from others.

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