Putting the Zimmerman Trial in Context

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George Zimmerman Assholes always get away

“These assholes always get away” – George Zimmerman


I realized before the court case of George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin was ever sent to the jury that it was quite likely that George Zimmerman was going to be acquitted of the charges against him. Judging the attorney’s of the case, the defense was very good at creating reasonable doubt and the prosecution hadn’t convinced me beyond that reasonable doubt that Zimmerman should be convicted under the law, and I am one who believed from the beginning that Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter in the very least. I wanted Zimmerman convicted, but I believe the prosecution failed to make the case.

In the last few weeks I have been trying to come to terms with my conflicted feelings of the total acquittal handed down by the jury in Sanford, Florida. My thoughts keep returning to Zimmerman’s lament that those who had burglarized his neighborhood had not been properly punished, and that I and others now felt the same about Zimmerman. I and others feel just as violated of Zimmerman’s acquittal, as he felt about burglars getting away with their crimes.

In short, Zimmerman instantly judged Martin as an “asshole” about to get away and made sure justice would be done in this situation. Now Zimmerman is the “asshole” that got away.

This case has garnered national attention not because of the facts of the case. One person killing another with a gun is common in the US and hardly national news. People judging others based on skin color is hardly new, but it does tap into many other issues that are national news.

Our current state national emotion seems consumed with hyper competitiveness. Listening to our politics we hear several examples of “assholes” always getting away with something.

The hatred of illegal immigrants is grounded in the fact that these immigrant “assholes” are getting away with coming in “our” country and stealing “our” jobs, and other than a Sherriff in Arizona, and the Arizona legislature, nobody is doing anything about it.

Current anti-corporation sentimentality is grounded in the fact that the “asshole” corporate CEOs are making millions while stealing middle class jobs and sending them to other parts of the world where they can pay the workers a pittance, leaving good hard working Americans without good paying jobs.

Those middle class people who work hard and pay taxes to barely get by are angry at the “assholes” that sit around their homes collecting welfare.

People who are struggling to feed their families on food stamps and unemployment after losing their jobs are angry at the “assholes” in their former employers who hire lobbyists to get government subsidies for their company.

People who lost their homes and investments in 2008 are angry at the “assholes” on Wall Street that exploited lax regulation to enrich themselves and destroy the national economy in the process. All of those “assholes” have gotten away with it, none have been indicted or convicted.

The occupy movement is angry with the “assholes” on Wall Street that received million dollar bonuses even after tanking the economy with their speculative practices.

The 99% is angry with the “asshole” 1% for holding the vast majority of the wealth in this country, and the 1% is angry with the “asshole” 99% that doesn’t appreciate what they had to do to earn that wealth.

Rodney King asked America “Can’t we all get along?” and Zimmerman responded with ‘but’ “Those assholes always get away.” Those assholes, whoever they are, are why we can’t get along.

Americans really worry about fairness and justice. It is one of the principles that our country is built upon. Nevertheless we will never get along as long as we are worried about the other guy, that asshole, who is getting away with something.


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