Maintaining Religion in the Age of Reason

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During the last decade we have seen in America a growing divide between the religious and the scientific community. We have seen books written by atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and the like with titles that speak of God as a delusion and a scourge on humanity. We have religious conservatives consistently battling to put their belief of creation into the science classroom to combat what they see as a competing theory of why we are here on the earth. This is fueled in part by the rise…

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Everybody is an atheist about something | or at least agnostic

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Christians are Vishnu-atheists, Muslims and Jews are Jesus-atheists. I am a Thor-atheist, and so on. Western society has rejected the gods of the Romans and Greeks that we openly call them myths.  If we were to call Jesus a myth in America today, there would be a great cacophony of voices denouncing our position; nevertheless, each person has rejected more religious beliefs than they accept. The anti-atheists make the claim that it is a long step from making existence claims about one thing to a general denial of the existence…

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What do Atheists Believe?

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Many Atheists will say they believe in the primacy of science for explaining the world. It might be more correct to say that atheists are really doubters of established traditions, favoring instead looking for new explanations of the world through new methods and technologies. Some high profile atheists, or “Evangelical Atheists” such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens spend their lives writing books and debating with believers attempting to convince them that the beliefs of yesteryear have been disproved by scientific theory and should be discarded by the wayside along with…

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