Who is God?

Who is God Graphic

I once heard a Buddhist monk say the following: “God is shorthand for talking about everything all at once” Dairyu Michael Wenger consider the following: God sustains us, therefore God is the air we breath God is the ocean that brings the rain God is mountains we find so beautiful God is valleys where we grow our food. God is rain that waters our crops God is sunshine that warms our faces God is procreation that gives us family God is death that recycles life God is lightning that electrifies…

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What is Karma? The Golden Rule?


In popular American practice, many people declare that they “believe in Karma” when doing something right, that they expect that something good will happen to them. It is often expressed as “what goes around, comes around.”  This is a twisted take on the golden rule, which is “treat others as you wish to be treated” and turns it into , ‘do good unto others, so good things will be done unto you’. This ego-centric approach of doing well to others, so that the same will come back to us, seems…

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Political Pluralism

Coexist Rainbow by Brian Hartwell

In America, we seem to always be fighting right vs. left; the Christian right wants to make America more of a Christian Nation, and the left a more secular state. Although there are conservatives who are atheists or agnostics and strong believing Christians who are also liberal, the popular characterization in the media of left and right follows the secular and religious respectively. Americans, whether they realize it or not, prefer a government of opposites. In the past twenty years neither party has had a strong hold on all the…

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