Lent, a Time For Remembrance

Christ in the Wilderness

If you are Catholic, or mainline protestant, or if you know somebody who is, chances are you realize that last week began the forty days preceding Easter called Lent. As are many of our traditional religious holidays (Holy Days) the purpose of Lent is to remember the Biblical story of the forty days and forty nights that Jesus of Nazareth fasted prior to his impending death. Western Christians celebrate lent in the forty days preceding Good Friday and Easter which commemorate of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Mainline traditional…

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Political Pluralism

Coexist Rainbow by Brian Hartwell

In America, we seem to always be fighting right vs. left; the Christian right wants to make America more of a Christian Nation, and the left a more secular state. Although there are conservatives who are atheists or agnostics and strong believing Christians who are also liberal, the popular characterization in the media of left and right follows the secular and religious respectively. Americans, whether they realize it or not, prefer a government of opposites. In the past twenty years neither party has had a strong hold on all the…

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In God We Trust? | E Pluribus Unum? which should be the US Motto?


The House of Representatives is putting forth a resolution reaffirming the US motto “In God We Trust”. Although probably not the author’s intent, if you don’t agree with the sentiment, this resolution is divisive. It is probably understood by the authors of the resolution that the “God” they reference is the God of Christianity, maybe with a token nod to other monotheistic religions. The myopic discarding of the beliefs of all citizens that are not monotheists is a travesty by representatives of the modern USA. A better, more unifying motto…

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What do Christians Believe | Arminianism

Jacobus Arminius Engraving

Arminianism – Methodists, Free Will Baptists Shortly after John Calvin published his Institutes of the Christian Religion a man by the name of Jacobus Arminius began teaching a competing doctrine, later to be referred to as “Arminianism”. Direct comparison to the doctrines of Calvinism would be such as the following. Natural Inability – the “Natural Man” is an enemy to God, but through the workings of the Holy Spirit, he may be converted to choose good over evil. Election based on knowledge – God chooses those who will be saved…

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Three reasons why religion is declining in America

Rural church of declining membership

It is no secret that Religion is declining in America. This is confirmed by Last year’s Pew Forum Study on Religion and Public Life which found that young adults are significantly declining in religious affiliation. Three reasons see for this decline are: 1. The availability of knowledge of other cultures and religions outside of Christianity. When a child is able to see other belief systems that are non-Christian yet still produce moral and productive people, it is less important to stand firm on your traditional religious beliefs. 2. Christianity’s fight…

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