Hell Does Not Exist

The recent book by Pastor Rob Bell of Mars Church in Grandview Michigan and the controversy surrounding it has reignited one of my biggest criticisms of popular Christianity. I say popular Christianity, because I think this is one of those cases where the popular idea of God, is not what the scriptures actually teach, but what people like to believe, or worse yet, what power seeking church leaders like to promote, to scare people into submission to their religious views and doctrines. When Jesus spoke of his Father in Heaven,…

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Religion Today | Will Doctrine or Love Prevail?

Truth and love

Love always trumps doctrine. I’ve also heard this principle expressed as ‘Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ Many people in this world are obsessed with being right, having the right doctrine, having the right knowledge, believing the right gospel. It is laudable to want to be right, but how can we be sure we are right about the mysteries of the world? How can we be right about things that have not happened yet? Until we experience death for ourselves, we will never…

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Universalism and Unitarianism | The basics

UU Chalice of Wisdom

The Universalists as well as the Unitarians essentially rejected the idea that God would condemn anyone at all and taught that all men would be saved.  Unitarians also believed in moral progress in life after death. These two sects deny the doctrine of eternal punishment for one’s sins. John Murray brought Universalism to America and Joseph Priestly brought Unitarianism. The followers of these two sects tended to be the more educated and higher social classes of people in America as well as those that believed in the scientific method. Their…

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