What Oceanic Tide Pools Teach About Diversity

Tide Pool life

Tide pooling for knowledge.  Have you ever gone tide pooling at the beach? Can such an activity give you a better knowledge of this world? I can think of no better way to learn our place on this planet. Traipsing around the edge of the ocean, jumping over rocks, looking into the swirling, foaming sea water at the myriad of creatures that live on the world that spends half the time under water and the other time baking in the sun? Crabs of all shapes and colors hiding under rocks,…

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What is the meaning of life?

Looking for understanding

To determine meaning, we must first discuss the difference between objective meaning and subjective meaning. Does life have an objective purpose? Purpose and meaning are normally subjective in nature. Truths can be objective. One example is the truth that I exist and that I have taken a wife and live in a state of marriage. We are raising four children that I believe our mine. I am assured that they are my children, because my wife tells me they are mine, and I trust her very much. I take these…

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