The liberal war against Chick-fil-A: What about freedom of Religion?

Dan Cathy Chick-fil-a Gay Marriage Debate

It is disturbing that so-called liberal politicians would use their political positions to discriminate based on the religious beliefs of a business owner. So far there is no evidence that Chick-fil-A is discriminatory in its hiring or business practices.

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Gay Marriage is supported by the Young Conservatives

Young Barbara Bush Supports Marriage Equality

The 29 year young Barbara Bush, daughter of George W. Bush shot a video for the Human Rights campaign urging New Yorkers to support marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation. According to a recent poll by CNN, the generational divide on the issue is clear.   58% of 18 to 34 year old respondents support same sex marriage 42% of 35 to 49 year old respondents support same sex marriage. 41% of 50 to 64 year old respondents support same sex marriage. Only 24% of American’s 65 and older support…

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Protecting Families and Marriage | The Gay Marriage Debate

In the debate about same-sex marriage, opponents of gay marriage make the claim they are “protecting traditional marriage.” Yet, divorce is the most common result of the break down of marriage, but where are the throngs of people leading the charge to change divorce law, making it harder to obtain, and only for solid reasons? Yes, the greatest threat to marriage is divorce, and we don’t hear the same protectors of marriage working to modify divorce law. Of course divorce is a necessary option in cases of abuse and infidelity,…

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Motorcycles and Homosexuality

It was 1984 and my first job at age 16 was as a dishwasher at the restaurant where several of the servers were gay. The servers would constantly give me tips and compliments on the job I was doing, even as a dishwasher, and once one invited me to go out later for drinks. I declined on the basis of my Mormonism and that I didn’t drink alcohol. One of the servers, named Gary, later found out my love for motorcycles and wanted me to take him riding and teach…

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