Heaven and Hell are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two sides to every coin

To every coin there are two sides. Seems simple right? A couple days ago I criticized all the pastors around the country that have criticized Pastor Bell of Michigan for teaching that there is no hell. But just as a coin has two sides, this issue also has two sides. The existence of hell is necessary for Christianity to have purpose, for if you can’t be damned to hell, neither can you be saved from it. Without hell, there is no need for Jesus and those who criticize Pastor Bell…

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Hell Does Not Exist

The recent book by Pastor Rob Bell of Mars Church in Grandview Michigan and the controversy surrounding it has reignited one of my biggest criticisms of popular Christianity. I say popular Christianity, because I think this is one of those cases where the popular idea of God, is not what the scriptures actually teach, but what people like to believe, or worse yet, what power seeking church leaders like to promote, to scare people into submission to their religious views and doctrines. When Jesus spoke of his Father in Heaven,…

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