Why is there no looting in Japan?

There is a growing conversation among westerners asking the question of why there is no or little looting in Japan after the massive 9.0 earthquakes and tsunami. Contrast their calmness and order with the anarchist aftermath in New Orleans after Katrina, Haiti Chile who suffered their own tragic earthquakes, and one must ask the question of why. What is the difference, how can we develop some of those same attributes? Various people have posited various positions such as racial homogeneity, their culture of respect and honor, and their culture of…

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Tragedy in Japan | The Earth Moves

Japan Tsunamin and earthquake

The tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan should serve to teach us one simple lesson. We, humankind, are not that big and powerful after all.  This is a tough lesson for many in this world that think that man has conquered the earth it lives on, but we have only tamed a very small portion of our environment.  If the earth decides to make a small change by its perspective, perhaps by shifting a tectonic plate or spewing out a little molten rock from a volcano, it kills us by…

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