Do You Have The Courage to Laugh at Yourself?

I believe one of the greatest indicators of a person’s grip on reality is their ability to laugh at themselves.  It shows you can view yourself as both imperfect and flawed, and that you have courage to find the humor in your flawed ways. It takes courage to admit you are wrong, but to laugh about that wrongness takes a special talent. I know a lot of people that are uptight about their positions on almost any issue. They judge all their interactions with people as zero-sum affairs. In order…

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Self-Medicating with Laughter

A Day without Laughter is a day wasted

Some people are very serious, they take themselves very seriously, and they expect others to do the same.  We all know these people, they are a bore. Contrast that with the person who is always using self-deprecating humor to show their shared humanity. They are likeable and approachable; they are the ones that we love to be around. Nothing in our lives should be so sacred that we can not use it appropriately for a good hearty belly laugh.  We need to see our faults and follies and take joy…

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