No Religious Test Shall Ever Be Required For the President. Article VI – US Constitution

No Religious Test for the President

In American politics today there is a faction of right wing conservative Christians who judge every candidate by their religion. There are those who have long maintained that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and therefore unqualified for the presidency. During his 2008 bid for the presidency former Governor Mitt Romney was incessantly questioned about his Mormon faith. It was so bad he had to give a famed “Faith in America” speech specifically declaring that electing him was not the same as putting the LDS church in charge of…

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What do Mormons believe? | the short version

What do Mormons belief?

The formal name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They are called Mormons because of their belief that The Book of Mormon is a holy book on equal ground as the Holy Bible. It started out as a derisive term, but has since gained acceptance as a simpler way of referring to the denomination of believers. Sometimes the long church name is shortened to the initials LDS. The Mormon Church was founded in 1830 in New York State by Joseph Smith. Ten years prior…

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