Culture Wars And Their Origin

Culture Wars and the angry mob

Culture wars are all around us. Sometimes they revolve around religious and moral issues, others revolve around economics and poor vs. rich. Why is it that in a country so united, we can also be so divided? We will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught. – Anonymous The greatest predictor of what a person believes or fights for is what his or her parents believed, and that person’s relationship to that beleif. Parents are the greatest…

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Conservative Christian is an oxy-moron.

Jesus preaching the sermon on the mount

Christians believe in grace freely given. Conservatives believe you should only get what you earn. Christians believe that forgiveness is a divine trait. Conservatives believe that criminals should get the harshest penalty the law will allow. Christians believe in peace. Conservatives believe in military strength and war. Christians believe that if we ask God, he will give liberally (James 1:5) Conservatives think liberal is a bad word. Christians believe that we should love and pray for our enemies. Conservatives believe in pre-emptive military strikes. Christians believe that the soul of…

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