Life is a Do-Happening

Surfing is the ultimate Do-Happening

Everything in life is a combination of what happens to us and what we do.   Sometimes what we do is a reaction to what happens to us.   Sometimes what happens is a result of what we have done.   The extremist on either end of the spectrum will believe: 1. The fatalists believe everything is done according to a grand orchestration, and that we have no control over anything, everything happens for a reason etc. 2. The other end of the spectrum believes that all of life is…

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To Live, Is To Embark On The Journey.

road of life

The subtitle of my site is that I discuss all the “important stuff in America.” Every now and then a tragedy occurs that brings into focus something that is very important, and that is living itself.  This past weekend, a young man that I knew made the tragic decision to take his own life. At the tender age of 15 he decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing happiness in this life and cut short the opportunity. That is a tragedy, because at age 15 we only begin to understand the…

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