Supporting Families in New York – Gay Marriage

Gay families are families too.

In a bold move to support families of all shapes and sizes, the New York State legislature recently joined Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa and Washington, D.C., in legally recognizing gay marriage. In our country, states issue marriage licenses in order to grant legal privileges, rights and responsibilities to a spouse in the interest of preserving family unity. Some of these rights include financial benefits in the form of tax incentives to hold the family together, tax free inheritance and social security benefits in the event of the death…

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Protecting Families and Marriage | The Gay Marriage Debate

In the debate about same-sex marriage, opponents of gay marriage make the claim they are “protecting traditional marriage.” Yet, divorce is the most common result of the break down of marriage, but where are the throngs of people leading the charge to change divorce law, making it harder to obtain, and only for solid reasons? Yes, the greatest threat to marriage is divorce, and we don’t hear the same protectors of marriage working to modify divorce law. Of course divorce is a necessary option in cases of abuse and infidelity,…

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