The Search for a Purpose in Life

Chilean Volcano Eruption

Years ago I read the book by Orange County mega pastor Rick Warren, A Purpose Driven Life. The premise of the book is that successful lives are born of those people that make living Biblical principles their purpose. In other words, make God your main purpose in life and all else will fall into place. Pastor Warren and his book left me unconvinced that I should adopt his prescribed purpose into my own life. However this idea of humans needing a purpose to organize their lives has percolated in my…

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Animals, Pets and Humans, a Symbiosis

Kids and cats

When I was growing up I was fortunate to have parents that raised all sorts of animals. We had sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, horses, rabbits, geese, ducks, dogs, cats and an assortment of rodents like rats and guinea pigs. Raising animals taught me a wide range of lessons that are not as easily learned from studying books or listening to teachers. From feeding them every day to watching lambs be born to slaughtering them for food, the circle of life was apparent and raw. I saw lambs born with birth…

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What is the meaning of life?

Looking for understanding

To determine meaning, we must first discuss the difference between objective meaning and subjective meaning. Does life have an objective purpose? Purpose and meaning are normally subjective in nature. Truths can be objective. One example is the truth that I exist and that I have taken a wife and live in a state of marriage. We are raising four children that I believe our mine. I am assured that they are my children, because my wife tells me they are mine, and I trust her very much. I take these…

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