Protecting Families and Marriage | The Gay Marriage Debate

In the debate about same-sex marriage, opponents of gay marriage make the claim they are “protecting traditional marriage.” Yet, divorce is the most common result of the break down of marriage, but where are the throngs of people leading the charge to change divorce law, making it harder to obtain, and only for solid reasons? Yes, the greatest threat to marriage is divorce, and we don’t hear the same protectors of marriage working to modify divorce law. Of course divorce is a necessary option in cases of abuse and infidelity,…

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Why the Right is Wrong and the Left is Wrong

Men are disturbed, not by things, but by the principles and notions which they form concerning things. Epictetus  – Written 135 A.C.E. The negative association of two unlike issues creates a state of fear in politics. Some Examples follow: From the right: Obama will destroy America Unions are comprised of evil thugs The US is bankrupt Social Security will be gone before I retire. Gay marriage will destroy families Communism is anti-Christian From the left: Large Corporations are evil Eating meat is murder Man made pollution will destroy the earth,…

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Taxes, Government, Immigration and Outsourcing

Taxes and immigration

How much do you want to pay in taxes? Probably you wish to pay less than your neighbor. Stick it to him, but not to me, because I am special right? I deserve my tax breaks, but the other guy is receiving “welfare” and needs to get off the dole, needs to quit receiving all his unearned benefits and well, maybe if he just left the country, quit being a crybaby and sucked it up like me, then maybe, just maybe life would be fair. Watching the non-stop protests in…

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Freedom of Religion Trumps Secular Attitudes

1st Amendment US Constitution guarantee of Freedom of Religion

Yesterday I wrote about the people in San Francisco that wish to make it illegal to perform a circumcision of any male under the age of 18 within the city limits. In the end, I oppose their efforts on the grounds that it will run contrary of constitutional guarantees of the free practice of religion. Jews and Muslims are two groups that find religious significance and group cohesion through the ancient practice of cutting the foreskin of their male adherents.  To deny them this practice would cut to the core…

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Chairman of FOX NEWS and a lying affair

Roger Ailes Fox News and lies

According to the New York Times,  “Fair and Balanced” news reporting apparently requires a few lies here and there. The shocking allegations that have come out in court transcripts alleging that Roger E. Ailes, the powerful chairman of Fox News had told Judith Regan to lie about her illicit involvement with Bernard B. Kerik who was being vetted for the job of secretary of Homeland Security. This was requested in order to protect Rudy Giuliani who had recommended Mr. Kerik for the job. Affairs happen all the time, and many…

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