We Have More in Common, Than We are Different

Tornados are equal opportunity destroyers

We’ve heard it a thousand times. A person is called out for promoting views that are exclusionary to a group other than their own, and their first response is, ‘well, I have friends that are, (fill in the blank) but I have standards, and these people don’t meet my standards.’ Such language is code for: Yea, but… Whenever I hear this phrase, I am convinced that the person is guilty of the charge, be it racism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, Catholiphobia, or an irrational fear of anybody else that is a…

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Religious Intolerance and Illegal Immigration meets the van der spek family

the Van der spek family faces deportation

A family in Layton, Utah faces deportation back to Belgium for illegal immigration to the US ten years ago. As reported in the Standard-Examiner, the van der spek family say they came to the US because of religious intolerance after they joined the LDS church. They are appealing for asylum. When the van der spek family immigrated to the US, Belgium was facing a greater level of religious intolerance than right now. In 1997 the Belgian Parliamentary Commission on Cults was submitted to the Belgian Parliament. According to ReligiousTolerance.org, there…

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