Why is there no looting in Japan?

There is a growing conversation among westerners asking the question of why there is no or little looting in Japan after the massive 9.0 earthquakes and tsunami. Contrast their calmness and order with the anarchist aftermath in New Orleans after Katrina, Haiti Chile who suffered their own tragic earthquakes, and one must ask the question of why. What is the difference, how can we develop some of those same attributes? Various people have posited various positions such as racial homogeneity, their culture of respect and honor, and their culture of…

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My own personal UFO sighting.

The night of July 22, 2010 my wife and I arrived home from the theatre about 10:30 pm. Before we get out of the car, our neighbor runs up to us telling us that there is a UFO flying around in the sky.  Sure enough, in the southwestern sky there is a light that is flittering around. It is about twice the size of stars, and it is quite clear that it is not an airplane or helicopter because they can’t do the quick maneuvers that this object was doing.…

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The Power of a good Story

George Washington Cherry Tree

Humankind loves stories; for what ever reason it is the way we best remember concepts, ideas and principles. I can teach my children to be honest and it sounds like I am preaching. If I tell them a story about George Washington Chopping down a cherry tree and admitting to it without getting in trouble, I have taught them several principles with several different layers of understanding. Does the story have to be verifiable to have the same effect? It is definitely stronger if the child thinks it is real,…

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