Do You Have The Courage to Laugh at Yourself?

I believe one of the greatest indicators of a person’s grip on reality is their ability to laugh at themselves.  It shows you can view yourself as both imperfect and flawed, and that you have courage to find the humor in your flawed ways. It takes courage to admit you are wrong, but to laugh about that wrongness takes a special talent. I know a lot of people that are uptight about their positions on almost any issue. They judge all their interactions with people as zero-sum affairs. In order…

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Metaphors of Life | The Core of Cognition

Metaphors are the core of human cognition, the core of how we think about and relate to the world. The three human metaphors that describe the origin and purposes of the world are as follows. The Ceramic Model The Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Jews use the creative model of a universe where it was formed by God as potter forms clay. This originates from the beginning of the Bible in Genesis where God creates and forms Adam from the dust of the earth.  He created a clay figurine…

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What is the meaning of life?

Looking for understanding

To determine meaning, we must first discuss the difference between objective meaning and subjective meaning. Does life have an objective purpose? Purpose and meaning are normally subjective in nature. Truths can be objective. One example is the truth that I exist and that I have taken a wife and live in a state of marriage. We are raising four children that I believe our mine. I am assured that they are my children, because my wife tells me they are mine, and I trust her very much. I take these…

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