Taxes, Government, Immigration and Outsourcing

Taxes and immigration

How much do you want to pay in taxes? Probably you wish to pay less than your neighbor. Stick it to him, but not to me, because I am special right? I deserve my tax breaks, but the other guy is receiving “welfare” and needs to get off the dole, needs to quit receiving all his unearned benefits and well, maybe if he just left the country, quit being a crybaby and sucked it up like me, then maybe, just maybe life would be fair. Watching the non-stop protests in…

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Protests in Wisconsin | Retirement benefits in the crosshairs

Wisconsin Workers vs. Governor Walker

The Union Protests in Wisconsin have had me perplexed for a while, but I am starting to put it all in perspective. Governor Walker maintains the position that he just wants State workers to contribute to their pensions like private sector employees. Union members claim he is trying to take away their ability to bargain collectively. Unless Governor Walker intends to completely revamp that Wisconsin State Pension system his claim makes no sense. The government is going to pay 100% of pension costs either way because it is a defined…

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